3 Seconds of Air – The Flight of Song

3 Seconds of Air - The Flight of Song

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3 Seconds of Air The Flight of Song
CD, Tonefloat, 2009

“The Flight of Song” is the debut album by the Belgium project 3 Seconds of Air, aka Dirk Serries (also known as vidna Obmana and Fear Falls Burning), Paul van den Berg and Dirk’s wife Martina Verhoeven.
Being in the works since 2000, this entity of three kindred spirits is an ode to the psychedelic music of the late sixties, early seventies.

The cd is an atmospheric outing, a slow version of minimal ambient drone music for which only guitars (two electric guitars and one electric bass) were used. The four extended tracks, all recorded at live-in-the-moment sessions without any overdubs or editing during two cold days in a Belgium chapel, act as an acoustic compass through the chapel’s history.

The heavy modulated, weightless drifting textures and psychedelic dronescapes slowly morph in its own breathing space, shaped by the dynamic, sensitive interaction of the three musicians who immersive themselves in the quietude, depths and expansiveness of the gliding, reverberating musical movements.

All in all, this is an album for those who love deep-listening ambient.

Website: 3secondsofair.bandcamp.com


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