AirSculpture – Attrition System

AirSculpture - Attrition System

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AirSculpture – Attrition System
CD, Neu Harmony, 1997

“Attrition System” is an album assembling various tracks from the October ’95, November ’95 and March ’96 sessions, all happening after the EMMA#3 festival.

Although featuring shorter bite sized pieces than usual, they all show the live improvisation (which is the core element of the band’s sound) while at the same time being immediate, unpolished and melodic. John Christian, Adrian Beasley and Peter Ruczynski here illustrate improvised sequencer/space music, arising while in the act of playing on stage except that there’s no audience present.

If you like to hear AirSculpture that sounds live, unleashed and rough at the edges, this album should be your pick.


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