AirSculpture – Burn

AirSculpture - Burn

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AirSculpture – Burn
CD-R/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Private Release, 2008

“Burn” is a vibrant and atmospheric live album by the energetic trio AirSculpture, aka John Christian, Adrian Beasley and Peter Ruczynski.
The outcome was recorded at the UK’s second Hampshire Jam festival, held in November 2002, where the three musicians played a glowingly set of highly improvised music as some gear had unfortunately broken down.

Presented in four lenghty “stages”, ranging between 12 and 17 minutes, the one-hour ride offers an excellent mixture of sounds from both the analogue and the digital world, featuring some excellent freeform soundscaping with an edge on the opening piece.

At times, the music ventures into darker territory, but always keeps on slowly morphing to hypnotizing effect along some well-tempered sequenced parts and solos. These are well-done explorations in sound with an occasional dash of classic Berliner School passing by along minimal structural design and a sort-of psychedelic angle. The vintage and spatial sequencer style evolves even more on “Burn” stage three and four, shifting in higher gear in an energizing manner.

One can hear Peter, John and Adrian have had a lots of fun while playing this nice set making up “Burn”, that makes a nice addition to the Airsculpture discography.


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