AirSculpture – TranceAtlantic

AirSculpture - TranceAtlantic

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AirSculpture – TranceAtlantic
CD, Neu Harmony, 2005

After “Fjord Transit” and “Quark Soup”, the English trio Adrian Beasley, Peter Ruczynski and John Christian aka AirSculpture treats its fans with another live album.

“TranceAtlantic” documents two different live appearances of the band on a double cd: The Gatherings and the Stars End radio show in the USA . Known for many years for their strong and overtly improved manner of playing live music, the duo decided to start their lengthy live sets with piano improvisations before sliding into sequencer, solo and soundscape territory.

This description aptly applies to the first, well executed 33-minute track. At first, the second chapter of “Walk the Locust” ventures into a slightly experimental style before the well-known sequencers show up and lend the piece a proper backbone as mellotron flutes and other vintage sounds show up as well.
Powerful sequencing kicks in at the start of the only 4-minute third part which renders down in quiet piano again. A nice closing of this disc.

The second disc contains the three-part title piece, which again comes in two lengthy tracks and a shorter one.
It takes off with calming piano improvisations on the strong 37-minute “part 1”, which eventually flows into to some excellent but hold-back sequencing patterns, alienating cosmic atmospheres and solo’s before ending up again with beautiful piano at the tail of the track.
Ambient dronescapes are given free way on this disc, ranging from darkening and otherworldly to more soft-toned, gently whirling textures accompanied by pulsating undercurrents.

All in all, the second disc is a deepening sonic ambient journey, perfect night music, and something completely different from what the band has done before.
Chapeau guys!


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