Altus – Innerspace

Altus - Innerspace

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Altus – Innerspace
DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Private Release, 2016

Canadian ambient composer Mike Carss, aka Altus, started out on “Innerspace” with his mind set to write something very slow-moving, very ambient/ignorable in nature. It turned out a bit different though, as every time he sat down to write, he somehow lost sight of that goal and came up with music which was too active. It kept happening, so he wrote nearly another album worth of unused music during those sessions (which he might use as the seed for a future album).

Still, the six soundscapes -I regard them as phases- making up the 70+ minute journey within are a lovely drifting, smooth evolving and calming affair tantelizing the senses from start for finish. Ethereal, serene glistening and uplifting as well as sombre currents pass by in the continuous textural worlds of “Innerspace”. It glides onward effortless to distant horizons beyond without demanding the listener’s attention, finding a compelling conclusion in the 21-minute velvet cosmic expanse “Innerspace Outermind”.

“Innerspace” is another quality Altus recording in pure ambient form to comfort yet cleanse mind, body and soul.



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