Ambientium – Life

Ambientium - Life

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Ambientium – Life
DIGITAL DOWNLOAD EP, Private Release/Kahvi Collective, 2013

“Life” is an Ep by the Lubomir and Lucie Cyrk, aka Ambientium, offering nicely chilled and atmospheric music complementing their predecessor “Fractal Philosophy”, although turning out less ambient.

To a certain degree, a comparison with the sophisticated down-tempo released by the French Ultimae label again comes to mind, especially when it comes to the deep beats/basses and drive pushing the slow-dive, crispy sounding and overtly chilled electronics forward without much effort.
The slightly glitch outcome isn’t that tuneful or melodic though, offering soft waves and swirling textural pads making but mere abstract-oriented, free form sonic sketches.
The music can be obtained through a “name-your-price” basis.



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