Amir Baghiri – Dreamresources

Amir Baghiri - Dreamresources

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Amir Baghiri – Dreamresources
CD, Neuronium Records, 2002

On “Dreamresources”, released on Michel Huygen’s (aka Neuronium) Spanish label Neuronium records, Amir Baghiri tried to melt relaxing, rather strange and mystic natural (re)sources of sound into a kind of background music.
The general response on his performance at E-Live 2002 festival was his music sounded a bit too much like Steve Roach, especially due to the use of tribal rhythms and didgeridoo.

Well, I still think this comparison doesn’t do justice to his music, as this time Amir even has doesn’t use any didjeridoo on the album.
Only the opening track has some Roach flavours, before the rest of the eight tracks move into other realms of drifting ambient soundscapes.

The spheres on the 77 minute album breath a beautiful feel of introspection, which even deepens as the music progresses into far off textural, misty landscapes in the style of “Structures from Silence”.

This very nice plateaux of delicately sculptured and refined soundscapes contains enough varying elements and textures to hold the attention until the end.

All in all, “Dreamresources” is great ambient to enjoy in the evening or during the night.

Note: the album was remastered and rereleased in 2007 on Amir’s own Bluebox label.


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