Amir Baghiri – Winterscape

Amir Baghiri - Winterscape

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Amir Baghiri – Winterscape
CD, NO-CD, 1999

For “Winterscape”, Amir again has chosen the ambient-oriented path in which he succeeded in reminding me of some tribal/soundscape material of Steve Roach’s “Dreamtime Return” in some parts.

“Winterscape” has an overall organic feel, beginning with thrilling sequencers and catchy soundscapes, before moving into deeper dwellings and darker atmospheres, in which most percussion is moved further and further into the background.

Next to the fine mix the album breaths a lot of space and contains lots of peculiar details, such as how the floating tapestries come together with didj, bullroarer and spiritcatcher.

The fifth track “In the Guts of the Earth” was already heard at Baghiri’s live-concert in Cologne in spring 1999.

All in all, “Winterscape” is something very special, which can best be enjoyed in winter’s evening hours.
It has the ability to capture the mind of the listener, taking it on an inward voyage to unknown sound worlds and visionaries, but at the end you’re always put back into reality.


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