Andrew Heath – The Silent Cartographer

Andrew Heath - The Silent Cartographer

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Andrew Heath – The Silent Cartographer
CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Disco Gecko Records, 2014

The sonic quest of UK-composer Andrew focuses on immersive ambient music evolving in a drifting, quiet realm. In his own words, Andrew seeks out the random, juxtaposition of tiny noises and then set them against sustained piano notes that drift in and out of phase, or complex modulation paths that produce unpredictable filter blips.

This process was also applied in creating the beatless mood music of “The Silent Cartographer”, a release full of intimate, lower-case music derived from both acoustic (piano) and electronic sources (synths). The 54-minute outcome is enriched with field recordings, random glitches or shimmering dissonances and assorted “found” sounds.
As the journey takes off and unfolds gradually, the serene yet delicate musings constantly shift as it charts new topographies, creating and following maps that are full of change without dissolving into the vaporous hinterlands. Solace, relaxation, serendipity and timelessness (all tied in a slight abstract framework) are key words coming to mind here.

As such, the beatless and spacious ambient sketches of “The Silent Cartographer” introduce the listener to a dreamlike, overtly reflective state that lies somewhere between sleeping and waking. I for one though don’t associate it with meditative.

Depending on how you wish to purchase the album, there are an additional two bonus tracks (alone, over 30 minutes worth), “In Search of Eden” and “Kleine Blume Irgendwo” (a homage to Joachim Roedelius) that can be downloaded.



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