Andy Pickford – Terraformer

Andy Pickford - Terraformer

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Andy Pickford – Terraformer
CD, Centaur Discs, 1994

In the mid ‘90’s, Andy Pickford was part of the league of talented and successful UK synthesists producing highly attractive and varied song-like, sequencer-based EM. It stood out for its (then) upfront percussion and profound dose of sequencing.

Looking back on “Terraformer”, the follow-up to “Replicant”, can’t hide certain sounds have dated a bit, but the title track along “Akira” and “The Furnace” still impress due to their infectious aural character. Various emotive-lyrical motives in the tradition of Dyson/Wavestar also surface on the album, especially on “Out of the Darkness”, “Darklands” and “Still Waters”. These tracks alone prove why this album appealed to a wide audience.

Meanwhile, Andy has remastered and re-released the album as a download-only, which includes the 9-minute bonus track “Apocalypse of Love”.



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