Anthony Paul Kerby & Tomass Weiss – Distant Shadows

Anthony Paul Kerby & Tomass Weiss - Distant Shadows

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Anthony Paul Kerby & Tomass Weiss – Distant Shadows
CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, DataObscura/Construct, 2011

Canadian composer Anthony Paul Kerby (APK) has produces many ambient recordings under the names Lammergeyer, Nunc Stans, and The Circular Ruins. Sonic architect Tomas Weiss on the other hand has recorded under the monikers Nautic Depths and El Hadra, while he’s also known for his deep drone recordings with Mathias Grassow.

The dark and rather gloomy landscape scenery on the cd-cover of “Distant Shadows” (the premier release on the new collaborative Construct label run by Tomas and Anthony) already gives an impression of the sonic content found here: an uninterrupted and deep journey into the vastness of remote and barren plains.

Organic and minimal features surface in the slow morphing textural and environmental sceneries, while the profound sense of wide-open spaces and dark (but not freightening) powers slumbering deep in it never fails to impress.
Fans of deep listening and extensive dark-flavoured ambient soundworlds will find lots of their liking here.

El Culto provides the factory-pressed cd release of “Distant Shadows” in digi-pak format, while DataObscura hosts the digital download release (320kbs mp3).



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