ASC – Truth be Told

ASC - Truth be Told

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ASC – Truth be Told
CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Silent Season , 2014

The fully beatless “Truth be Told”, the follow-up to James Clements excellent effort “Time heals all”, builds and expands slightly upon the themes and ideas explored on the previous album while trying to retain everything that made the earlier one so special.

It has led to a dream-like, atmospheric and highly imaginary result (an intimate and emotive affair containing nine short stories based around love, depression, fantasy and the composer’s ever on-going fixation with science fiction according the artist) continuing where “Time heals all” left us.

The delicate waves of gently beckoning, soft resonating and tranquil ambience take the listener out and inward as various deeper states pass by along the slow unwinding (occasionally slightly yearning) journey. It’s a magical, lucid space of meticulously woven and layered textural ambient and smooth melodic leads along some darker-shaded/melancholic currents presenting itself on each of the nine soundscapes.

“Truth be Told” –a must-have for those who already have “Time heals all”– is simple but mesmerizing stuff for every fan of profound yet deep ambient. Headphone-listening recommended!


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