Astrogator – Dreamlight

Astrogator - Dreamlight

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Astrogator – Dreamlight
CD-R, Private Release, 2007

“Dreamlight” is the second release of the duo Astrogator, aka Stephen Humphries (aka Create) and his musical pal Jez Creek, which initially appeared as a limited edition cd-r of only 50 copies.
Later on, and after popular demand, the duo decided to do a re-release I fall 2007 with full colour artwork and onbody printing.

The disc itself features music recorded live at the rehearsals on the 2, 3 and 4th June 2006 for an appearance at the Awakenings on 8th July 2006, which is presented here in two parts (47 and 23 minutes).

Well, the two musicians go all the way through an intriguing, extended pathway of Berliner School improvisations, in which a lot of analogue fx’s, vintage textures and nice mellotron sounds are spread out over some great sequencing.
Atmospheric passages and more up-tempo stuff are nicely balanced here, creating great moods of mystery and cosmic realms.

Part two continues where the previous part left us, but sounds a bit restless to my ears, although the same musical elements are still present.

Overall, “Dreamlight” will do nicely for all who love the classic sounds and lingerings of the Berliner School of electronics.



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