Asura – Radio Universe

Asura - Radio Universe

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Asura – Radio Universe
CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Ultimae Records, 2014

According to Ultimae’s press release, the 78-minute “Radio Universe” is as a musical odyssey that presents a renewed vision of the seventies space music legacy. I agree to that, as the ambient project by French composer Charles Farewell (aka Asura) tells a narrative story while taking the listener into the vast relaxing, spacious spheres up above.

The grand design is already sketched out by the symphonic, deep yet immersive “Overture” kicking off the album. This profound ambient mood continues most nicely on the following four elevating pieces, where overtly lush and at times majestic textural pads float along undisturbed, accompanied by holdback sequencer patterns. (The second part of) “Oblivion Gravity” is a following highlight as the grand atmospheres spread its wings as we propeller through the vast unknown.

The down-tempo style rises upon “Farscape 7”, where female singer Ayten contributes as well. This beat-driven character marks the remainder of the album, although Asura’s distinctive new age/world music flavors still shine though from time to time. At first, the music gets a strong cinematic impact on the emotive, beautifully rendered “Lonely Star” with its tasteful piano, string pads and deep bass, turning into a trancy-tune in the second half.

As I have a preference for evocative and celestial space music, the first part of “Radio Universe” suits me best, although I can appreciate bits and pieces of its dynamic angels as well.


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