Audiometria – Somewhere

Audiometria - Somewhere

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Audiometria – Somewhere
CD-R/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Private Release, 2014

Audiometría is the synth-duo Javi Cánovas and Miguel Justo. Both musicians already know each other since the mid ‘80s, but it took until spring 2014 before they founded Audiometria eventually. The project incorporates the philosophy and spirit of the Berlin School and was created with the aim to fill a missing gap between the Spanish and Canary Islands music scene.

As such, the album’s music and its cover both reflect the need to browse and track down those first sounds of the birth of electronic music while referring to old, vintage means. The latter is also expressed through the “vinyl-look” of the cd-r. Recorded at Studio Green Tenerife during a continuous live session, the outcome presents a mellow and subtle sounding set of evolving sequencer lines, spherical pads along a shimmer of melody running through the extended pieces.

Moody parts shapeshift with more energetic, upfront passages, already covering some fine sonic ground on the 20-minute opener “Audiomultiplo” with its exciting midsection. Some tantalizing and aptly layered sequencing (“Ricochet” says hello!) is also surfacing on the second half of “Midsound”, accompanied by a few bits of mellotron flute, but it’s the poignant and evolving sequencer patterns that kick some ass here. Another stray of vintage energy is released on “Somewhere”, again showing similarities with the previously mentioned TD-album occasionally.

Soft soaring soundscapes and piano make up the mood, free form “Sonar”, after which the album winds out with the chill-out “Stereolocus”. Sonically, the latter feels a bit out of place and uneven compared to the other tracks. So besides this piece, the other 60 minutes of “Somewhere” are very nicely accomplished and recommended.
I can only hope this fruitful collaboration will come up with more releases in the future.


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