Beyond Berlin – Music for Cosmic Nights 2013

Beyond Berlin - Music for Cosmic Nights 2013

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Beyond Berlin – Music for Cosmic Nights 2013
CD-R/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Private Release, 2013

Beyond Berlin is Martin Peters (on YouTube known as KeesVangelis) and Rene de Bakker (aka Attorks), who previously formed the Dutch trio AKS with a third member.

The two played a live-set of Berliner School inspired music at the Cosmic Nights event in Planetarium Brussels in May 2013, which is made available to the public through this release. As stated on their website, Martin and Peter love to journey back to the glowing days of the Berliner School style when hardware synthesizers and step sequencers ruled/graced the genre with their unique vintage sounds.

Well, these guys know their ways of playing some moody and accessible music, most often founded on a long intro, lots of soundscapes and occasional sequencer-driven patterns topped by some soloing. It all sticks to the same long form formulae of the masters of the ‘70’s.
Dig this album if you’re looking for atmospheric cosmic music.



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