Boreal Taiga – At Gutú

Boreal Taiga - At Gutú

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Boreal Taiga – At Gutú
DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Wayfarer Records, 2013

“At Gutú” (“woods” or “forest” in Tlingit-language) is Boreal Taiga’s fifth ambient release with Wayfarer records. It’s is a concept ambient album influenced by the expansive forest-environments found in USA’s Pacific Northwest and the ancient Tlingit tribes that have been living in this region for thousands of years.

Inspired by its rainforests, deep greens and giant conifer trees, the evocative arctic ambient music makes an immersive listening experience painting beautiful imagery before the mind’s eye.
The tribal and the realm of ancient times and traditions shake hand here, which is emphasized by the occasional use of tribal voices/chant in the soft pulsating and morphing textural movements.

Like Boreal Taiga’s previous releases, the transcendental music is best listened to in an undisturbed environment with a good pair of headphones to sense and perceive it full impact.


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