Bruno Sanfilippo – Upon Contact Reworked

Bruno Sanfilippo - Upon Contact Reworked

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Bruno Sanfilippo – Upon Contact Reworked
CD, ad21 Music, 2015

It has been done quite often, releasing an album containing reworked versions by other composers derived from an original composition. For “Upon Contact Reworked”, Bruno Sanfilippo invited Francesco Giannico, Olan Mill, Leonardo Rosado, Jorge Haro, Quivion and Hior Chronik respectively to put their hands, insights and skills to “Upon Contact”, a spacious, acoustic, Satie-esque piano piece of overall tranquility.

After introducing the gentle basic piece, the music starts to float into electronic textural environs with occasional environmental sounds, always treating the initial mood most delicate, respectful, imaginative and subtle. I really came to appreciate the introspective, transparent and smooth evolving sound current displayed in each of the “remixed” pieces. The version of Quivion features a desolate, slightly foreboding feel without becoming uncomfortable. The project comes full circle on the last track which connects almost seamlessly to the original acoustic version.

All in all, the 37-minute “Upon Contact Reworked” offers reflective and cohesive ambient musings with a delightful stillness filling its core along lots of space found between the notes.


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