Christopher Franke – Pacific Coast Highway

Christopher Franke - Pacific Coast Highway

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Christopher Franke – Pacific Coast Highway
CD, Virgin Records, 1991

This is the first full-length release by ex-Tangerine Dream member Christopher Franke after he left the band in 1988 and started his own music business in the US a few years later.

The music on this album is what often has been described as female music, as Christopher has come up with much lighter music compositions and softer orchestrations which often lines up very close next to New Age.Think lots of elegant, light electric piano and (synthesized) acoustic guitar parts and occasional orchestral touches.

On the 46-minute “Pacific Coast Highway”, which sees the use of the current synthesizers and samplers at that time, you won’t find the faintest trail of the spaced-out music and the fast-paced sequencer rhythms that marked lots of Tangerine Dream output. Instead, the overall mood is romantic, relaxed, gentle and contemplative with an occasional slightly spicier piece such as “Mountain Heights” along a piece of film music (“Cinnamon City Cliff”).

The outcome is a lush, easy-going contemporary instrumental recording making a sonic backdrop for warm, lazy afternoons.


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