Coral Cave – The 4th (live)

Coral Cave - The 4th (live)

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Coral Cave – The 4th (live)
CD-R/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Private Release, 2013

It may sound strange, but this is my first encounter with the music of the German band Coral Cave, which was founded at the end of the ’80’s by the Düsseldorf-based synthesizer duo Tilo Voigthaus and Erik Matheisen. Both also seem to have followed some solo-endeavours as well.

According the simple cd-booklet to their fourth privately-released album, the music was recorded during rehearsals for the concert at Winnies Schwingungen Party in Germany. One will enjoy this album’s content without doubt if you’re into highly accessible, melodic-oriented electronic music from the ‘80’s with that distinct “German touch”.

It’s quite easy to hear influences of the TD-sound from that period, although these guys clearly focus on song structure with lengthy solos and sequencing. The unaccomplished “The Last Dolphin part 2+5+8” and “Wake Up” are a good example of this, although I even more like the relaxed interludes with piano caught on “Intermezzo 1 and 2”. The sequencing becomes stronger on the pretty strong “Analogos part 1+2+3” and “The Energy of Sequest”, both extending on some good-old TD elements.

All in all, “The 4th” is an uncomplicated, general-melodic release that will easily meet the taste of many EM-fans out there.



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