Craig Padilla – Vostok

Craig Padilla - Vostok

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Craig Padilla – Vostok
CD, Spotted Peccary Music, 2002

I remember playing and reviewing this album at the time it came out in 2002. At that time, I was kind of disappointed by its outcome, finding it rather dull and not varied enough. Now, ten years later, I’ve given Craig’s first longform album “Vostok” some new spins, and must confess I have to adjust my opinion.

“Vostok”, one of the coldest places on earth, is an almost 52-minute ambient exercise made up of one long piece, meant to be heard on infinite playback. The tranquil and slow morphing ambient soundscapes are very minimal for the first ten minutes or so. After that, a slowly rhythmic sequence shows up, while the sounds bit by bit start to built and evolve.

This lasts until the 25-minute mark, where it all settles down for a short while, before the process of things slowly building back up is repeated again around 34 minutes. Besides that, the air and slow sequence patterns remember a bit of the one used by Steve Roach on his longform piece “Looking for Safety”.

All in all, if you love contemplative, flowing but overall minimal sonic spaces and a touch of remote, darker atmospheres, “Vostok” might be something up your alley.


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