Csillagköd – All the Time

Csillagköd - All the Time

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Csillagköd – All the Time
CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Spotted Peccary Music, 2016

“All the Time” sees a further extension and refinement of the nicely shaped cosmic and amorphous worlds explored on the Csillagköd-debut “Silent World”.

To my ears, the spacious ambient soundscapes and drone tapestries making up each of the ten tracks (some were taken from EP’s released on netlabels previously) seem to have deepen along a more sophisticated layering of evocative textures.

The introduction of a light, static rhythm on the 10-minute “Cosmic Ocean” feels rather unnecessary. Composer Olivér Dombi though is at his best on the longer pieces (“Spheres, Part Two”,“Only Matter”, “Long Far Distant”, “Merging of Substances”). It’s here the freeform, serene and soft glowing cosmic renditions are really given the opportunity to spread their wings to the fullest while floating onward effortlessly. This all is strengthened by the fine mastering techniques of Howard Givens.
Nicely accomplished, Mr Dombi!

Website: csillagkod.bandcamp.com


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