Dave Luxton – Hidden Music

Dave Luxton - Hidden Music

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Dave Luxton – Hidden Music
CD-R, Wayfarer Records, 2008

Dave Luxton is a musician from the Lawrence Kansas area. The concept-album “Hidden Music” -intended to facilitate a meditative process- is centred around the idea that natural places and phenomenon withhold an underlying energy, order and beauty that can be perceived and experienced emotionally by the human observer when he has an open attitude to them.

Recorded during the second half of 2007, the twelve free form textural compositions (all ranging between 3-5 minutes) on the album have a minimal, harmonic approach, put together of flowing ambient drones with a melodic twist.
“Reflecting Pool” and “A Cirrus Sunset” echo “Ambient #2” by Brian Eno and Harold Budd, while tracks like “An Empty Space” or “Snakes in the Grass” open the door to a grander, symphonic atmosphere.

It’s the relaxing, meandering mood which makes this music an enjoyable listen. “Hidden Music” is primarily be available for download, but a limited run of cds is available from CDBaby.com.

Website: www.daveluxton.com

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