David Gerard – The Realm of Knowing

David Gerard - The Realm of Knowing

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David Gerard – The Realm of Knowing
CD-R, Orbiting Orion Records, 2010

Boston-based synthesist David Gerard began composing at age twenty-four, after studying photography and graphic art in New York City. Later on, he studied multi-track recording and started recording his own original work.

In 1984, he produced “A Piece of the Desert”, an electronic/ambient suite he admits was influenced by “Desert Music” of musician Steve Reich. While considering the latter one of his mentors along minimal composer John Cage, he took his first steps in pretty minimal, intricate and quite experimental music.

The six track “The Realm of Knowing” follows that same pathway, which is a peculiar mix of repeated structural patterns, minimal sequencer lines and floating, non-rhythmic electronic textures.

Especially the first piece “Chaos, Contained” is a long and disturbing ride through a disorganized sonic landscape, demanding lots of patience from the listener as the chaotic, hard-edged soundscapes shape shift and curl.
Of all tracks “Calling all Lifeforms”, and “Trajectory” sound a tad lighter and more accessible to my ears, but in the end they remain a though kind of mood music to digest.

So despite the analogue and digital synthesis of sounds, ambient guitar, effects and percussive elements, the 75-minute “The Realm of Knowing” is only suitable for the experimental-oriented listener who loves abstract ambient soundscaping with a mysterious and rough edge.

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