David Wright – Connected

David Wright - Connected

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David Wright – Connected

UK-composer David Wright is well-known for his accessible electronic music that balances between strong melodic and more spacious oriented outings.

“Connected”, his 24th release to date, is another appealing and varied work of sonic art, assembling both the sequencer/melodic angle and the cosmic side of his music. What I especially like about its music is the emotive character next to beautifully rendered contemplative atmospherics and grander, symphonic-oriented sonic paintings.

In addition, the music moves and evolves in cycles on “Connected”, reworking and recycling elements from begin til the end. Although the music takes the listener on a journey, it at the same time also feels like “coming home”, despite quite a range of exotic and world-music flavours popping up or passing by occasionally.

At several spots, David’s music also features oriental (wordless) female vocals and flutes, nicely expanding the sonic kaleidoscope. If I had to point out highlights, I would go for the textural, non-rhythmic spheres or a gem like the freeform “Into the Void”. Toward the end of the album, including the title-track, the overall sound turns very Vangelis-ish.

All in all, I’m sure fans of Mr Wrights music will find the 75-minute “Connected” a worthy addition to his discography.

Website: www.admusicshop.com/artist/david-wright

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