Detlef Keller – The Breakfast Event

Detlef Keller - The Breakfast Event

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Detlef Keller – The Breakfast Event
CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Manikin Records, 2016

This album contains the continuous 46-minute live set (and one of his rare solo concerts) performed by German synthesist Detlef Keller at the Schallwende EM-Breakfast in December 2015. I’m not familiar with Keller’s solo music, but it immediately struck how much more melodic, emotive and joyful this music is compared to the stuff he plays within the Keller-Schönwälder-Broekhuis constellation.

After an atmospheric intro, Detlef’s contemporary electronics start building and melting cyclic, sparkling sequencer lines, melodies and accompanying pads in a careful, subtle manner while the whole is gently set in motion. The accessible outcome becomes a groovier edge around the 24-minute mark as spatial sequencers take over briefly followed-up by emotive violin strings, warm textures and a tempo-beat. It’s quite interesting how Mr Keller is able to wrap all elements and minimal stylings together and unwinds them again attentively.

All in all I’m confident Detlef’s “The Breakfast Event” will appeal to a wide audience.


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