Epiphany – Mindscapes

Epiphany - Mindscapes

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Epiphany – Mindscapes
CD-R, Private Release, 2000

The guy behind Epiphany is the Dutch amateur musician Erik Teljeur. Years back, I heard some music of him which had been compiled on the album “Images”, which generally lacked a sense of direction. Erik remixed a few tracks from his debut and added some new compositions to what has become “Images”.

His music, made without use of sequencers, flows from the unconscious and is quite mind-altering. While you go with the flow for over 75 minutes, it’s like you’re part of various adventures in audio. I especially liked the deep, quiet atmospheres of “Seaburst” Describing his “new approach towards electronic music” is very hard to do, as miscellaneous elements and emotions come across while listening.

Note this is not that easy or accessible music as you may expect. One of the remarkable things is you never know what lies around the corner. The impact of the spatial music grows even bigger when using headphone.

Website: www.epiphany.nl


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