Exposed – Dive Master 08

Exposed - Dive Master 08

Release data:

Exposed – Dive Master 08
CD-R, MellowJet Records, 2007

From the press sheet I learned this album is a new recompiled and completely reworked version of the album “Divemaster” by Exposed, aka K.H. Reiers.
For this purpose, six tracks were added to the original album to extend the playing time with about 30 minutes.

Well, “Dive Master 08” is an accessible rhythmic, sequencer-oriented album offering 15 tracks of rich melodic sounds and atmospheres with soft swirling solo’s on top.

All in all, “Dive Master 08” is a dynamic, uncomplicated and well-composed (typically German sounding) electronic music release with a slight analogue vibe underneath that sure will appeal to a wide audience. Certainly rated above average.



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