Food for Fantasy – Fresh Food

Food for Fantasy - Fresh Food

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Food for Fantasy – Fresh Food
CD, Spheric Music, 2010

As there was no possibility to continue the Double Fantasy, Robert Schroeder decided to continue the project on his own using the Food for Fantasy moniker.
I missed out on the 2006 (“The Secret of Dreamin’”) and 2008 (“Fruits of Fantasy”) releases, but the press sheet coming with “Fresh Food” talks of further development of the previous style.

Well, the 71 minutes of music on this disc is a very comfy and also predictable affair, as Mr Schroeder comes up with his charming and spherical guitar licks (which become quite boring as the cd progresses) in every track to accompany his chill-out, but also rather uninspired sounding electronic compositions.

Overall, the modern but also cheesy sounding “Fresh Food” is for easy and background listening only, as just a few spherical-oriented pieces and passages seem to make some sense.



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