Food for Fantasy – Fruits of Fantasy

Food for Fantasy - Fruits of Fantasy

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Food for Fantasy – Fruits of Fantasy
CD, Spheric Music, 2008

This cd is the third album release of Food for Fantasy (of which each album release has a certain fruit as a theme). Food for Fantasy is the follow-up of Robert Schroeder’s project Double Fantasy.
Under the latter moniker, Robert was playing together with Charly Buchel (aka Charly MacLion), but for the new project he plays all music himself using the aliases Dreamstar (synths, rhythms) and Phil Molto (e-guitar).

As could be expected, Robert doesn’t take much risk on the 24-bit produced “Fruits of Fantasy”, staying close to the successful formulae and sonic content of the previous albums.
The eight tracks, making up almost 64 minutes of music, all feature accessible melodic synth songs in which a soloing e-guitar always soon kicks in.

Of all pieces, the second track “Sweetest Thoughts” comes closest to the catchy long gone sound of Double Fantasy’s first album “Universal Ave.”
In general, most of the melodies, rhythms and bass motives on “Fruits of Fantasy” sound too easy, synthetic, distant and predictable to my ears. Every roundabout of spherical e-guitar and electronics takes another familiar sidestep after the other.
Easy going for sure, but that’s about it.



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