Forrest Fang – Letters to the Farthest Star

Forrest Fang - Letters to the Farthest Star

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Forrest Fang – Letters to the Farthest Star
CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Projekt Records, 2015

One of the great things about the music of the skilled composer Forrest Fang is his ability to incorporate world music influences from Asia (focusing on stringed and percussion instruments most notably) with mesmerizing electronic textures into his ambient minimalist style in a most sophisticated and fluent manner.

On “Letters To the Farthest Star”, the exotic instrumental outcome again turns up the highly cinematic lane, creating expansive and intriguing moodscapes that address both light and dark. In addition, Fang’s expertly molded sonic dwellings are very moving and full of emotion, even elevating the mind occasionally (as on e.g. “The Unreachable Lands IV” and “Seven Coronas”).

I have an even weaker spot for two longer (10-minute) pieces on the album, “Burnt Offerings” and “Lines to Infinity”, which air a lovely transcendental mood and feel to immerse into. Overall, the abstract interior spaces, spiritual sound worlds and profound sonic meditations explored here are a must for headphone listening. Very well accomplished, Mr Fang!

P.S. Those who get the digital download of “Letters to the Farthest Star” also receive three bonus ambient remix tracks.


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