Forrest Fang – The Sleepwalker´s Ocean

Forrest Fang - The Sleepwalker´s Ocean

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Forrest Fang – The Sleepwalker´s Ocean

With his double album “The Sleepwalker’s Ocean”, that received some beautiful cover art, US-musician Forrest Fang has delivered a most mesmerizing and emotive ambient recording with hypnotizing minimalist elements. Compared to the works of Loren Nerell, Mr Fang’s implementation and use of Indonesian acoustic instruments and the realm of gamelan music is a little less prominent.

Forrest’s sonic approach is more subtle alongside the expert layering of lush, dreamy and deep atmospheric textures. Focused and repeated listening reveals there’s a lot happening in this encompassing, complex and sometimes melancholic-flavored journey of accessible soundscapes that all wander into imaginary, pastel-colored and soft glowing dimensions fluidly. Forrest has outdone himself on several levels.

“An Alternate Ocean (The Salton Sea)”, a smooth and continuous 54-minute textural dwelling with quite an ethereal appeal and an added vintage touch in a later stage, fills the second cd. This drifter extends beautifully on the strong aural path sketched out previously.

If you like to hear some impressive, in-depth and well-made ambient, simply turn to “The Sleepwalker’s Ocean”.


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