Frank Specht – Sebastian im Traum

Frank Specht - Sebastian im Traum

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Frank Specht – Sebastian im Traum
CD, Invisible Shadows, 2000

All familiar with the popular German band Rainbow Serpent will know Frank Specht is one half of it. Mr Specht first heard “Audentity” by Klaus Schulze in 1983, which made him decided to name his first son “Sebastian” as he loved the musical story about “Sebastian im Traum”, the last track on Schulze’s album. Eventually, ten years after the birth of his first son, Frank had assembled enough remaining tracks to create a solo cd out of them, which he of course dedicated to “Sebastian”.

The eight-track “Sebastian im Traum”, Frank’s only solo album to date, offers some very pleasant Berlin School inspired melodic-sequenced and dreamful music made with the same expertise, technological approach, accessability and ear for detail and as we know from Rainbow Serpent recordings, creating comfortable moods and captivating, dreamy spheres during the whole ride. “Schon winkt zur Sternenreise die Nacht” and “Erwachen im kindlichen Garten”, the last two tracks of the record, are the highlights for me due to their nicely paced sequencers, profound, lush atmospheres and a mesmerizing Schulzian touch.

In 2008, Syngate re-released a remastered version of “Sebastian im Traum”, followed by a digital download through various online platforms.



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