Futureworld Orchestra – Regenerated

Futureworld Orchestra - Regenerated

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Futureworld Orchestra – Regenerated
CD, Goose Pimples Music, 2009

The duo Robert Pot en Gerto Heupink originally making up Futureworld Orchestra had quite some success in the first half of the ’80’s with their vocal and instrumental pop tunes, of which especially “Desire” and “Roulette” did a good job in the Dutch charts next to “Theme from E.T.” and “Roulette”.

After two albums, a couple of singles and a best-of compilation album on the Dureco-label, the band stopped in 1997 as a result of the economic depression affecting the record-industry and differences in vision and opinions about the direction to continue.

The 57-minute “Regenerated” is not an album with new music of Futureworld Orchestra (being a one-man project of Robert Pot since 1995), but a collection of re-recorded, valvenized and cleaned-up tracks of older tracks. Robert Pot himself stated he’s not too keen on doing remakes, but as all original tracks were no longer available for the public (none of the masters and multitracks of the previous record label could be tracked down), he decided to re-record all tracks for this cd release.

The outcome is fresh, lively and spacious, and various strings and choir pads have been added to the original compositions. Tracks like “Dawn” and “Mister Y” have been transformed to a new composition.
I also remember the vocals being a bit different and the drums being more upfront and in-your-face on the previous music.

Time will tell if the audience will pick up this revival and, more importantly, will appreciate this reworked material.
The album is available as factory pressed cd and download.

Website: www.futureworldorchestra.nl


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