Global Communication – 76:14

Global Communication - 76:14


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Global Communication – 76:14
CD, Discotheque, 2005/1994

I thought it might a good idea to focus, again, on this album (originally released in June 1994) as an expanded, remastered version of this classic album came out a short while ago, including a bonus cd. Since its release, “76:14” has always been described as some kind of soundtrack, one of life itself I would say.

The unique outcome actually emerged from the life experiences of the classically trained pianist and cellist Tom Middleton en Mark Pritchard during the early 1990s. Both shared similar inspirations like Detroit techno and a common vision for releasing fresh electronic music. The new concept was communication of pure, honest emotion through sound and to reach as many people as possible. They deliberately didn’t name the ten tracks to offer the listener a unique personal experience while the music is going by.

The music is very subtle, flowing and dreamy, perfect soundscapes to settle down your mind. Especially the beautiful second track “14:31” deserves to be mentioned with its mesmerizing sound of clocks ticking and slowly shape shifting textures, while the seventh track “8:07” sounds a bit reminiscent to TD’s piece “Love on a real train”.

Overall, this is outstanding ambient space music for your ears that also suits great as night music.

However, the second cd which comes with this re-release is a totally different story. The rather hard-to find- tracks, singles and remixes are taken from EP’s of the band and focuses on more down-tempo music of which only the last few tracks are more quiet.


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