Greg Klamt – Fluxus Quo

Greg Klamt - Fluxus Quo

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Greg Klamt – Fluxus Quo
CD, Spotted Peccary Music, 1997

On his second album “Fluxus Quo”, American synthesist Greg Klamt takes things to a higher plan with a fine combination of symphonic-flavoured electronic music with a neo-classical touch. In addition, he uses an assortment of sophisticated percussion in his music.

For the album, Greg has again composed some attractive melodic songs with expansive string pads and driven sequencer patterns which result in evocative and sweeping compositions with uplifting effect, with “Vertical Horizon” as highlight.
Using 20-bit technology, it’s again the excellent sound and mastering that make the music shine even more.

All who love bright and positive tempered electronics will enjoy this fine set of symphonic synthesizer ambiences centred around the theme “the only constant is change”
It’s just too bad though the talented Mr Klamt didn’t release any further solo releases after “Fluxus Quo”.


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