Greg Klamt – Fulcrum

Greg Klamt - Fulcrum

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Greg Klamt – Fulcrum
CD, Spotted Peccary Music, 1993

“Fulcrum” is the debut album of American synthesist and visual artist Greg Klamt, which offers a rich blend of symphonic-flavoured, cinematic music with occasional powerful percussive elements.

Created from intuition and through experimentation, Greg’s classic / symphonic compositions are assembled of gentle flowing textural spaces, which he gradually unfolds with rhythmic sequences into emotive, sweeping and melodic movements.

The outcome are 12 spacious, evocative tracks containing occasional hints of Richard Burmer and mid-‘80s Tangerine Dream, but most of all creating its own imaginary sonic worlds. One of the highlights on “Fulcrum” is the almost 8-minute, highly atmospheric “Shadowfall”.

It’s a pity Greg’s enchanting and well-produced sonic journey (which comes with some fantastic cd art work) only lasts 46 minutes…


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