Gulan – Prologue

Gulan - Prologue

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Gulan – Prologue
CD-R, Private Release, 2007

“Prologue” is a 64 minute compilation cd from the Latvian musician Gulan, aka Andrei Gulaikin, which was released October 8, 2007.

The cd contains eleven tracks which range from general melodic to cinematic kindred music. The eight minute opening track “Prologue” offers different tempi while roaming in progressive rock and classical territory, but sound wise it sounds rather flat to my ears.

Things improve considerably with the melodic, romantic soundings of “Stas Party”, a lovely, quiet piece, but the solo flute in this track sounds too prominent. “Airway-6” surely is the best track on the cd, featuring warm synth-pads, rhythms and a very nice solo on top.

Overall, this album offers too many different flavours, offering some weak spots next to stronger, well composed tracks.
I personally think Gulan’s strength lies in the more quiet, introspective and space music genre, which would benefit from further improved production skills.

To me, most of the music on “Prologue” showcases he’s a bit hasty, he just wants it all at once.


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