Gustavo Jobim – Trapped in a Day Job

Gustavo Jobim - Trapped in a Day Job

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Gustavo Jobim – Trapped in a Day Job
DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Private Release, 2011

Gustavo Jobim is an electronic music composer from Brazil, who (according to the notes on his site) literally conceived “Trapped in a Day Job” during working hours between December 2009 and January 2009 by means of a small (only 250 kilobytes) software synthesizer, TS-404 V1.05 Beta. The latter consists of an ensemble of four very simple synthesizers, each played by an independent step sequencer.

Well, the recording is a lot about repetition and the very slow tweaking of sounds along metallic pulsations and robotic rhythm variations. In addition, it has a strong psychedelic, hallucinogenic and profound weird veil over it. The slowly unfolding compositions all feature minimal sequenced structures that soon become quite annoying on every piece, and I sincerely doubt if this tasteless music art can be taken seriously.

“Trapped in a Day Job” is available as free stream or low-price download, at



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