Hagen – Logos

Hagen - Logos

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Hagen – Logos
CD, Private Release, 1993

In my opinion, this privately released recording by Bonn-based German musician Hagen is a remarkable one.
The cd itself contains very little additional info, stating that ARP, Hohner, JEM, MFB Moog, Oberheim and Roland instruments were used in the making of the music.

The outcome of six tracks is an original sounding pallet of free form, non-rhythmic soundscapes, which offers a great blend of vintage sounds. The improvised solos hovering over the floating soundscapes in the first tracks vaguely remind of Schulze at the end of the ‘70s, but also Bo Hansson comes to mind.
The solo voices take on an organic form on “Saurier”, visualizing animal screams. The more rhythmic oriented “Wuste” features music that balances somewhere between Schulze’s “Nowhere now here” and Pink Floyd’s “Shine on your Crazy Diamond “.

“Scivias” moves into the sounds of tranquil water, only interrupted twice by prominent, slightly ominous sound effects. “Spes Spees 1631” has a pleasant, dreamy impact. Fötenmusik “, with occasional voice snippets, has a bit of a restless character with its symphonic building sounds, to which a beat is added later on.

All in all, “Logos” is a peculiar, interesting but hard to depict album which features some unusual movements in electronic music.



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