Hakobune – If it were to fade

Hakobune - If it were to fade

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Hakobune – If it were to fade
CD, Gterma , 2013

Hakobune is the alias of Kyoto-based musician Takahiro Yorifuji, who has quite a list of albums under his belt.

The almost 79-minute “If it were to fade” is based on Mr Takahiro’s cassette-release “Evergreen/Faraway”, and features three long-form ambient compositions generated by processed guitar improvisations.

We’re talking about soft shimmering, slow-morphing and tranquil drone tapestries with quite some reverb, an ongoing mass of timbres that meticulously shift, rise and swell before absorbing into the deep. The latter especially applies to the elevating and lush “Faraway”. According the label-owner, the sombre music captures the sensation of being lost deep inside the endless distance of a great between.

All in all, these expansive and at times slightly dreamy sonic landscapes and sedate realms are meant for deep and immersive listening.



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