Harold Budd – Lovely Thunder

Harold Budd - Lovely Thunder


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Harold Budd – Lovely Thunder
LP/CD, Editions Eg Records, 1986

Mr Budd’s aim to make his music as beautiful as possible at every moment is a firm understatement when it comes to the music found on this amazing recording, which lines up nicely to his collaborative effort “The Pearl” with soul mate Brian Eno. Composer and sound engineer Michael Hoenig also deserves lots of credit for the work he invested with Harold Budd in shaping the beautiful and layered outcome found on “Lovely Thunder”.

Above all, it’s an absolute treat if you love contemplative ambient music creating dense soundscape vistas along an icy, arctic mood and feel. The latter applies most certainly to the fascinating but brief “Ice Floes in Eden”, which is part of a series of short aural tracks before the album rounds out stunningly with the 20-minute epic “Gypsy Violin”.

As a matter of fact and upon closer listen, a lot of drama and tension reveals itself in and running underneath each of the seven peaceful and minimalist compositions, which –in regard of the short pieces- isn’t as threatening or gloomy as was the result on “Abandoned Cities”. The influence of the latter though reflects on the emotive “Gypsy Violin”, where slow morphing yet swelling drone tapestries and an ethereal violin map out a desolate, almost surreal sonic landscape.
All in all, this marvel is by no means to be missed if you’re an ambient aficionado.

Website: www.haroldbudd.com

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