Havdis – Clouds into Sea

Havdis - Clouds into Sea

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Havdis – Clouds into Sea
DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Mixgalaxy records, 2011

“Clouds into Sea” is the debut album by Norwegian composer Odd Jensen, aka Havdis. Mr Jensen, an ordinary fisherman in daily life, started dabbling with some new and wonderful creating/recording technology about 10-12 years ago, but only found the courage and guts taking his sonic creations online only three years back.
One thing led to the other, as not much later Mixgalaxy records showed interest in releasing the full outcome.

Fans of immersive, quiet and expansive soundscape music will find much of their liking on the 43-minute non-rhythmic “Clouds into Sea”. “Beluga”, inspired by the field recording, the atmosphere and view during taking that recording, kicks things off nicely with lush spheres and moody textures.

The 19-minute “Coast” sets in on further deepening this atmosphere: the smooth morphing and gently floating pads visualize the view of a desolated foggy mountain-coast when coming in from the sea. The final piece “Crossing a quiet fjord”, clocking at almost 15 minutes, was made while waiting for descent weather conditions for crossing the wide Vestfjord. This peaceful and tranquil floating piece of slow, progressive soundscapes made me think of parts of Giles Reaves classic “Sea of Glass” album.

All in all, “Clouds into Sea” makes a most pleasant, contemplative and imaginative ambient trip. Nice going, Mr Jensen!

The album is available as free download from mixgalaxyrecords.com

Website: www.gterma.blogspot.com

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