Havdis – Nightbreeze

Havdis - Nightbreeze


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Havdis – Nightbreeze
CD, Gterma, 2013

Similar to his previous album, the main inspiration of “Nightbreeze” is the immediate surroundings of the composer (a fisherman by trade) along his close connection to the sea and its nature.
However, this time around Odd Jensen (aka Havdis) tries to embrace the northern summer’s atmospheres while living so close to its powerful but beautiful elements.

The continuous outcome is 77 minutes of graceful and highly cinematic ambient musings, featuring tracks made about six/seven years ago among others established in more in recent times. Here, hypnotizing and vast sonic scenery unfolds with mesmerizing pads and velvet textures, slowly changing color and shape as the journey progresses. Things occasionally turn melancholic, such as on the beautifully rendered “Sweet Silent Solitude”. To capture its full intrinsic impact, make sure you experience the quality ambient trip with good headphones.

The excellent mastered “Nightbreeze”, breathing an overall twilight feel, makes a most pleasant and calming listening experience.
Well accomplished, Odd!

Website: www.gterma.blogspot.com

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