Havdis – The Hidden Islands

Havdis - The Hidden Islands


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Havdis – The Hidden Islands
CD, Gterma, 2012

Havdis is an ambient project by Odd Jensen, who resides in the remote coastal area of northern Norway. If I’m not mistaken, “The Hidden Islands” is his second release, put out by Johan Rehn’s quality ambient label Gterma.

Mr Jensen’s soundscape music is profoundly inspired and influenced by nature and the sound/silence along the melancholy side of it.
The 75-minute “The Hidden Islands” contains seven longform sketches with nicely implemented field recordings and lots of detail, all painting hauntingly beautiful, overall lush polar ambiences and desolate nature farscapes.

These are slow morphing and highly introspective aural excursions giving a fascinating voice to cold and harsh conditions while exploring the very heart of the vast environments found up north.

If you love this concept and well-rendered immersive ambient textures, “The Hidden Islands” is an absolute must-have. Personal favourites are the full immersion found when submerging into “Crossing a Quiet Fjord” and “There’s Beauty In Sadness”.

The quality album (also available through Databloem) comes with a 12-page booklet containing images that perfectly reflect the intrinsic beauty and profound mystery as the continuous journey unfolds.
Highly recommended (this also goes for listening with a good pair of headphones).

Website: www.gterma.blogspot.com

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