Horizontal Excursions – Symphonica Helvetica

Horizontal Excursions - Symphonica Helvetica

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Horizontal Excursions – Symphonica Helvetica
DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Private Release, 2013

A colleague at work pointed me to the music of Horizontal Excursions, a project by Dutch electronic DJ/dance-producer Roger Martinez that aspires to reach out to and touch people on a musical, universal level.

“Symphonica Helvetica” (part of Roger’s Places Series project) is his second work of art, which was inspired by the intrinsic power embedded in the natural and undisturbed surroundings encountered in the canton of Valais, Switzerland. According the composer, it’s one of the few places in Europe where one can still immerse in pure and desolate wilderness.

The 37-minute continuous ambient track is highly cinematic, versatile and spacious, gradually unfolding as a carefully moulded sonic sketchbook reflecting the impressive beauty of flowing and rough mountain ridges, streams and falls surrounded by uncharted forests. The whole trip is like breathing fresh air while the whole picture evolves in a sense of ebb and flow.

All in all, “Symphonica Helvetica” is a beautiful and well-produced musical tribute to the landscapes of Switzerland is available as free download in various audio formats from Bandcamp.

Website: www.soundcloud.com/horizontalexcursions


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