Ixohoxi – Micronicom

Ixohoxi - Micronicom

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Ixohoxi – Micronicom
CD-R, Private Release, 2004

“Micronicom” is a concept-album about the hidden world of molecular and chemical processes taking place in the microworld.

There’s an overall mechanical effect noticeable in the music, which shifts between electronic tribal ambient grooves and vast waves of shimmering soundscapes (“Molecular Resynthesis”) and drone-loops (“Amorphous Electron Clouds”).

The contemplative “Filtered Luminescence” is a standout-track entering Budd/Eno-like territory. But overall, this cd is about dreamy atmospheres followed by pulsating cyclic rhythms and structures which rise and fall.

This is not an easy combination which sometimes is a bit experimental, but I think this album will be rewarding for the dyed-in-the-wool ambient fan. Soundclips of the album are available on his website.

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