Jaja – Endless

Jaja - Endless

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Jaja – Endless

Jaja is Germany female synthesist Jana Rockstroh, who plays, arranges and records all her inspired ambient space music live in the moment. The outcome always consists of emotive sound worlds with deep currents and stream, with the peaceful result making up “Endless” adding a nice and moody addition to her catalogue.

The long form soundscapes found here reflect the harmony, balance and peacefulness of the cosmic environs out there, in which (as Jana puts it) one can “sense the wonder of the universe within the music”. Imagine warm and drifting textural synth washes with a soothing and dreamy impact, emphasized by some sustained piano notes running smoothly through the sedate spacious realm now and then.

Not sure though why the meditative-cosmic “Endless” is categorized an EP, as its 53-minute duration clocks similar to a full-length album.

Website: www.cyan-music.com/jaja

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