Jaja – Milky Way

Jaja - Milky Way

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Jaja – Milky Way

Sonically, things continue on “Milky Way” as we know from Jaja’s previous albums with the immense galaxy and Milky Way still as the core inspiration for deep cosmic journeying.

This time around Jana Rockstroh delivered a double album with three extended textural drone tracks (Part I – Under the Stars (1:00:24); Part II – Approaching Infinity (38:19); Part III – The Creation of Stars (25:55), implementing her voice on a few spots on Part II. Although there is a soothing, blissful sense to the outcome, mysterious swirls keep morphing beyond and underneath the nebulous nightscapes as they drift into and through very quiet, darker environs.

It’s like the cosmos is breathing in and out very slowly as we traverse through remote and infinite drony spaces. Overall I’d say Purfoze’s classic “Songs of the Earth” is a reference for this lengthy nocturnal escapade (although not creating the same impact).

Website: www.cyan-music.com/jaja

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