Jamacaru – Nebelland

Jamacaru - Nebelland

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Jamacaru – Nebelland
DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Private Release, 2014

I became aware of this album through the site of Johannes Schmoelling, which mentioned German visual artist Peter Uhlig (known for the pictures on the cover of Johannes “Instant City”) had released his debut album of electronic music using the moniker JamaCaru (named after a type of cactus).

In the creative process, the 61-year old Lohne-based composer (who refers to his almost instrumental output as visceral music, meaning coming from the internal organs of the body) applied a Fender and an acoustic guitar, a synthesizer and his voice.

The nine tracks are tuneful, containing and stirring a positive vibe while also addressing a certain groovy feel occasionally, all nicely coming together on “Far from the Heart”. Contrary to that, cheesiness and an easy-going/new age feel make up the songs “The Northern Lights” and “Tranenluft”. “Bidart 78” also incorporates these elements, but is “saved” by the fine but short and fierce intersection of solo e-guitar.

Some of the flavor, spacious sound design and groovy feel of the opening piece are also found on the bit lengthier “Ancient Dancer”, which I classify as typical German synth music. On the remainder of the album, the music merges human voice with tribal-oriented rhythms and accessible tunes, staying light, easy going and tuneful.

The almost 10-minute title piece turns up the sedate, introspective, imaginary lane, making things glow in the end. This is the kind of composition and electronic ambience I wished would have covered more ground on this album. Now, the whole outcome sounds too light-weight to my ears, with the exception of the opening and closing track.



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